Developer Log #1 | February/March | Character Creator!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts in the two months. The idea was to post at least one Developer Log per month but shortly after I made the initial announcement post, my computer died. We’re back now though! Here are some things I’ve been doing:

Main Update

Character Creator

goth gf.gif

I’ve been proudly showing the creation process on Twitter and am at a point where I can say it’s finished! There are still some little bugs and I plan to spend a couple hours clicking things in various orders to find any issues. The UI is placeholder and be completed at a date closer to release.

One thing I haven’t decided is what happens with accessories and the Randomize button. I’m considering one of the following:

  • When you press Randomize, all accessories are removed.
  • When you press Randomize, the accessories you have equipped stay but none are added.
  • When you press Randomize, accessories are randomized.

I originally used the first one because it meant less coding but feels a little weird. It’s currently replaced with the second option, which you can see in the GIF below. I have considered randomizing the accessories as well and may try it in future but probably with weighted outcomes.

The Character Creator was originally started last year but used placeholder assets made by me in Painttool Sai. 

If you you're interested, the whole creation process has been made into a Twitter moment! 

Updating Main Game Appearance

After the user has decided what they want to look like, the game must reflect this choice properly.

Although the game’s wonderful artist Zinkase provided the content to do so, I thought it’d be really cute to remove accessories while the player sleeps. Obviously, facial hair will still remain!

Other stuff

Random username for yourself:


At the start of the game, along with creating your character, you get to select a Username for your video channel. For those of you who don’t feel like typing your own, I’ve added a little randomize button that’ll generate a new one every time it’s clicked. 

In-game VR games:

In Let’s Play Manager, the player has a wide range of console and PC games they can record themselves playing. I thought adding in VR games would be a small, fun addition.